Dr. William V. Burton, MD
Board Certified in Family & Sports Medicine
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FAQ {Frequently Asked Questions} Help Page

  • Q: Did you build this website yourself?
  • A: No. I decided to hire a webmaster to custom-build the site for me. I really did not have the time to learn all the programming skills required and, by retaining the services of a professional, I got the site I wanted (exceeded my expectations actually) and more quickly than I anticipated.

  • Q: How did the collaboration work?
  • A: In this case, I provided some general guidelines of what I wanted and sat down for a face-to-face consultation with the webmaster I retained. He told me what was possible as I supplied the details he needed to do the coding. I gave him a printed copy of my CV and some notes of what I wanted to include in my library, he then went ahead and built the site. We had multiple reviews along the way as I noted more improvements / additions I wanted and he was very accommodating. When the site was finished to my satisfaction, we had a final meeting to launch the site (upload it to a web server) and established a further working relationship for any future edits / modifications.

  • Q: Who found all the links to the professional organizations and library contents?
  • A: I provided many links that I knew of and my webmaster either confirmed their validity or found the proper site for every one.

  • Q: I am interested in having a site like this for myself, who do I contact?
  • A: The webmaster I retained is also a librarian (a real plus!) and is interested in such free-lance projects. His contact information is:
    - - - - - - - - - - -> Mr. Leif Madsen, MLS
    - - - - - - - - - - -> E-Mail: cololibdude@gmail.com

  • Q: Where is that picture from on your web site?
  • A: It is an original photo taken by my webmaster when he visited St. Mary’s Glacier in Colorado and is looking back on the glacier lake that forms from the run-off melt water.

  • Q: *
  • A: